About Tiny Plug

Do you own a website?
Do you use WhatsApp for business communication?
Would you like to convert your website traffic into verified leads landing in your WhatsApp inbox?
Then, Tiny Plug is your answer.

Tiny Plug is a WhatsApp widget that sits in your website and enables the website visitors to chat with you on WhatsApp. It is very easy to install and can be managed through a dashboard. You don’t require coding knowledge to use Tiny Plug.

Improve Customer Experience With Tiny Plug

Tiny Plug’s WhatsApp widget for website can help you enhance your website’s customer experience in the following ways:

  • Customers can directly contact you from your website by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your website without having to copy and save your number in their contact list. This not only saves few minutes for the customers but also reduces the number of customers that drop out between discovering your WhatsApp number and actually contacting the business.
  • Customers do not need to type in the entire message when making their first contact. Tiny Plug is not only a WhatsApp web widget but it also helps customers by offering pre-filled message when they open their WhatsApp to message your business. Typing a message on mobile is a hassle for many users and not knowing what to write in the first message also deters a large number of audience from messaging the business.
  • Tiny Plug is a very light WhatsApp website widget. The lightweight plugin justifies its name- Tiny Plug. Compared to other WhatsApp chat buttons on website, Tiny Plug takes very little space and hence doesn’t slow down the website functioning.
Grow Your Business With Tiny Plug

According to a survey by Facebook, over 70% of the respondents felt that they prefer sending a message to businesses over mailing and filling up contact forms. They felt it is a faster way to get response. Many potential customers would leave your website if they don’t find a way to communicate with you instantly. In an age where competition is high and customer experience is important, Tiny Plug can help you get an edge.
Tiny Plug’s WhatsApp chat widget helps your business get verified leads directly into your WhatsApp from the website.

Know What Works For You With Tiny Plug

Apart from WhatsApp, Tiny Plug also offers website widgets for making a phone call and send an email. Together they help visitors connecting to your business in a single click. But that’s not all, Tiny Plug also comes with a dashboard where you can keep a track of how many visitors click on each of the widgets everyday. This would help you determine which communication medium your customers prefer.

Minimize Redundancy With Tiny Plug

Tiny Plug dashboard is not only for website widget analytics but also help in saving your efforts. The greatest beauty of Tiny Plug is that you won’t have to add the Tiny Plug WhatsApp widget code to your website every time there is any change. You can use the Tiny Plug dashboard for the following:

  1. Track the Tiny Plug WhatsApp chat widget performance through analytics
  2. Change the WhatsApp number
  3. Change the pre-filled message
  4. Change the appearance of the WhatsApp live chat widget on the website
Tiny Plug: Widget for Lead Generation

If you have a business with a website and use WhatsApp, you are in for a treat. Tiny Plug WhatsApp widget can prove to be the linking bridge between the anonymous website visitors and verified leads in your WhatsApp contact list. Interested customers can click on the WhatsApp live chat widget and send a pre-filled message directly to your WhatsApp. You would get a verified lead which you can use in number of ways:

  1. To make the sales pitch
  2. To update the customers about new products
  3. To get product feedback from the customer
  4. To follow up with the customers on product servicing etc.
Tiny Plug vs Contact Forms

Contact Form is a good communication method to collect queries and feedback from website visitors. However, it has the following issues:

  1. Contact form is a one-way communication
  2. Contact form requires the customers to enter a lot of information
  3. Customers often do not trust contact forms because they cannot track it.
  4. Communication through contact forms takes a long time.

With Tiny Plug WhatsApp button, communication with customers is two-way and real time.

Tiny Plug vs Instant Chat

Instant chat not only provides a quicker and real time solution for communication but also gains customer trust. The only issues with instant chat are:

  1. Business may not capture the customer details without login
  2. Business need dedicated resource to handle instant chats as one needs to reply immediately
  3. Instant chats are not portable. Once the customer leaves the website, the contact is lost.

With Tiny Plug WhatsApp chat widget, communication with customers happens on smartphone hence, customers don’t need to login to be identified and they can chat with business even after leaving the website hence, the pressure of immediate reply is not there.

Tiny Plug for Small Businesses

To summarize everything written above, Tiny Plug is an effective communication and lead generation tool for small and medium sized businesses. For a small team with a website, using Tiny Plug can help in the following ways:

  1. Customers would be able to message business in a click.
  2. Business can set a pre-filled message so that customers don’t have to type it.
  3. Tiny Plug dashboard would help business to track the number of visitors using the Tiny Plug widgets.
  4. Once added, business doesn’t need to change the code on website. They can make all changes on the dashboard.
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